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SecondReport:Iran Business Foresight 2018

Iran Business Foresight report is published for the second timein current year (2018) based on corporation of PhD Candidate of Futures Studies of Tehran University and Industries experts. Main Issue in these report was developing business Scenarios for success in year aheadd.

ARA Department

  • Futures Studies
  • Strategy
  • Marketing and Advertisement
  • Graphical
  • Educational
After an acceptable and effective performance of Iran’s industry shoe foresight that honored as one of the most successful research of Tehran chamber of commerce, the society of managers & specialists of the shoe industry with contribution of its project manager team, recently, as their future agenda were committed to developing of strategies base on achieved scenarios....Read More
Formation of futures studies framework in the car industry and practical strategies offers, to earn more market share and some customer share, to pars Khodro Co. In this plan a guide notebook was created that contains scenarios and alternatives for this company. ....Read More
Ara advertisement & Marketing Corporation by new ideas was able to setup a great advertisement campaign to display all achievements of air force of Islamic republic of Iran, such as “Saaeghe plane” and also running of Rahian Noor plan. Moreover, this corporation was honored to provide a new and modern advertisement method to them....Read More
List of some companies and institution that we are honored to have a great and efficient contribution with themMarine Industry Company of iran (Sadra) 2012.Construction and Development of infrastructure of iran , 2014.....Read More
Ara educational team with selecting organizational members and some graduate and under graduate students set up private and semi-private courses in the area of Graphic design, marketing, futures studies and strategy at different levels (elementary to advanced) on a workshop format....Read More

ARACretification & Credential

Ara’s Consent and Honors is due to Customer Satisfaction and Approval Departments

  • Top Article of Eighth International Conference on Strategic Management as Futures Studies based on the scenario (Case Study: Automotive Industry)
  • Certificate of Consulting Services.
  • Article of Development Expert Scenario Facing Iran’s Petroleum Industry, CSCANADA.
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